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Faster Payments to Small Businesses Intended to Spur Economic Growth, but Will the Feds Make Good?

Under the Prompt Pay Act, federal agencies are required to pay contractors within 30 days of receipt of all required invoicing documentation.  The Obama administration says it would like to cut that time in half for payments to small businesses. On September 14th, President Obama announced that all agencies are being ordered to accelerate payments […]

DOD decides that it is a good idea to conduct discussions with offerors for contracts expected to be more than $100 million.

If I’m going to make a $100 million purchase, I certainly would want to talk with the seller before writing a check.  Not so for the Federal Government. FAR 52.215-1, which is a standard clause titled “Instructions to Offerors–Competitive Acquisition”, at (f)(4), states that “[t]he Government intends to evaluate proposals and award a contract without […]

Inherently Governmental Functions Policy and Guidance Issued

Two years ago, contractors shuddered when the Obama Administration proposed to shift work from contractors to government employees.  That objective was to be accomplished, in part, by more clearly defining what contractors could and could not do.  The wait is over.  And the answer so far is a big “Never mind”.  The long awaited guidance […]