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Saving money by buying what you don’t need.

The internet is full of advice about things that you should not buy in bulk.  Seemingly obvious tips include — You should not buy things in bulk that you will not use. Even if the price is right, it’s no bargain to buy 100 bathing suits that you will never use. Buying product that will […]

Protest highlights VA’s dirty laundry

It’s a bad day for the Government when a contract award is protested on three grounds and GAO sustains the protest for all three reasons. VA had that bad day on May 9, 2012, when it received GAO’s decision in Tipton Textile Rental. VA advertised for linen supply and laundry service. Tipton bid $2.97 million. […]

Recovery of attorney fees in bid protests

You all know that the general rule in the US is if you file a lawsuit and win, you do not recover attorney fees that you spent. That is known as “The American Rule” and contrasts with “The English rule” where prevailing parties in a lawsuit in the UK do recover their attorney fees. There […]

Air Force Flip Flops and COFC Jurisdiction Over In-Sourcing Claims

On April 16, 2012, Judge Horn of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims unsealed an opinion dismissing a contractor’s challenge against an Air Force “in-sourcing” decision. Triad Logistics Services Corp. v. U.S., COFC No. 11-43C (Feb. 28, 2012). Judge Horn found that the contractor lacked standing because its contract ended before it filed suit. No […]