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The slow wheels of justice

The Court of Federal Claims (CFC) recently confirmed that it does not use a crystal ball to divine what a contract means.  Instead, it looks to the contract’s plain language when determining whether a party breached its terms. In 1993, System Planning Corporation (SPC) signed a contract to provide security software for several Air Force […]

Court agrees that IRS is all wet

In September of 2007, 5860 Chicago Ridge, LLC filed suit in the Court of Federal Claims for $2.28 million, claiming that its tenant, the IRS, had arbitrarily terminated its occupancy of office space at Chicago Ridge, and wrongfully withheld a portion of its rent. The IRS asserted constructive eviction as an affirmative defense and counter-claimed […]

The thin line between a good idea and…fraud

Writing these blogs is hard work. We usually don’t read 66 page decisions to post a short blog, but with the MLB All Star break we had a few extra minutes. Veridyne Corp. v. United States is a tale of forbidden love: that of a government agency for its incumbent contractor. Ironically, the happy romance between […]