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House Resolves to Crack Down On Tax Delinquent Contractors (Again)

After the defeat of similar legislation in the previous session of Congress, the unanimous passage of the Contracting and Tax Accountability Act of 2013 by the House of Representatives may mark a sea change in Washington’s attitude towards tax-delinquent contractors.  If approved, the Act would, with a few exceptions, prohibit the award of federal contracts […]

Planning a Dinner Party without a Guest List

It’s easy to imagine what a banquet hall owner would say if you asked him or her to provide a cost per-plate estimate for your next event but couldn’t say, even vaguely, how many people would be attending: “If you want your event here, you’ll have to pick a number (or at least a range!).”  […]

Spanish Base Contractor Tilts At Windmill With Predictable Result

Some people just do not know how to quit when they’re ahead.  Suppose the government had paid you over €110,000 after a) discovering your proposed subcontractor agreement was completely fake; b) terminating you for default; and c) suspending you from federal contracting for submitting other forged documents (in addition to your fake subcontract).  Now, suppose […]

Simon Says, “Go Back to the CO for a Final Decision”

Reading Government contracts litigation cases can be reminiscent of childhood games like Simon Says or Mother, May I.  Failure to follow the procedural rules in Government contracts in pursuing claims against the Government sometimes can mean you are out of the game.  And, other times, it just means you are diverted from final resolution of […]