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Congratulations – You May Have Won

For many companies, winning a contract funded by the United States government can be a huge win, and potentially a game changer. For example, the Department of Defense recently named several dozen companies as eligible to bid on contracts to develop renewal energy facilities at military bases. We have been actively involved in the development […]

Attention Landlords: A Tenant’s Contractor May Place a Mechanic’s Lien on Your Building

Mechanic’s Liens – When a Contractor Performs Work for a Landlord Most commercial landlords know that, in Massachusetts, contractors furnishing labor or materials for improvements to real property may obtain a lien on such property by filing a notice of contract with the appropriate registry of deeds.  In Massachusetts, such liens held by contractors performing […]

Government shut-down creates possible traps for filing protests at GAO

GAO has very strict timeliness rules for filing protests.  But because of the Government shut-down, GAO is closed.  And protests will not be deemed filed at GAO until GAO resumes operations.  How seriously is GAO taking the shut-down? It has disabled its fax machines. So what is a protester to do?  For starters, check out […]