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Brown Rudnick LLP to show at MAPIC 2015

BROWN RUDNICK is one of the top-ranked law firms helping retailers and investors begin, and grow, their US businesses.  Our partners Tom Phillips and Paul Laudano will be in Cannes for MAPIC this month and will be available to discuss your specific US expansion considerations and share the experiences of our clients. With US offices […]

News Update: Implementation of Boston’s New Energy Ordinance Delayed

Yesterday we reported that the implementation of BERDO is likely to be delayed based on an amendment to the ordinance offered by Councilor Frank Baker earlier this month.  A public hearing on the amendment was held on Monday, April 28th, and a vote on the amendment was forthcoming.  Today we received word that the Boston […]

Persistence Pays in a Bankruptcy Play

Evergreen Solar, now bankrupt, completed construction of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Devens, Massachusetts in 2010 for $196,000,000. In 2012, Massachusetts based investors Calare Properties and its partner bought it for $8,330,000. In Calare’s case, the adage that persistence pays rings true. In August 2011, Evergreen filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Two months later, Calare […]

Better late than never doesn’t work for lawsuits.

The following is how the U.S. Court of Federal Claims recently summarized a case that it threw out because, in part, it was brought too late: “Plaintiff Eden Isle Marina, Inc. operates a commercial marina located on a lake owned by the United States Corps of Engineers (“Corps”).  It contends that the Corps breached the […]

Massachusetts Court Limits Regulation of Apartments

Every year a number of unfortunate stories make the news about too many students crowded into apartments. Recent incidents have included fires in overcrowded multi-family buildings and deck collapses where too many people crowded onto upper floor balconies. In light of such tragedies, one would reasonably expect efforts by municipal governments to limit the number […]