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And then along comes Sandy

OK – here’s a dilemma. You have a federal program that doles out millions to people that take on risky behavior, and in fact can be seen as rewarding that risky behavior at taxpayer’s expense. So Congress passes a law in 2012 with overwhelming bipartisan support, and requires that the government quit subsidizing people that […]

Climate Change Preparedness and Resiliency Guidelines Added to Boston Zoning Code

On November 14, the Boston Redevelopment Authority (“BRA”) board adopted new guidelines intended to address the impact of climate change, including storms and flooding, on a project.  The proposed addition to Article 80 of the Boston Zoning Code (the “Code”), called Climate Change Preparedness and Resiliency Guidelines, will require a checklist to be completed and […]

ASBCA to Navy: Contractors can limit their claims to less than their entitlement

In Appeal of Duncan Aviation, Inc., ASBCA 58733 (December 3, 2013), Duncan did not seek recovery of all its costs. Specifically, because Duncan’s costs mostly were for parts, it did not seek recovery of direct labor costs, indirect costs or profits. The Navy was delighted with that and embraced the opportunity to save taxpayers money […]