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A Debriefing Is Not The Same As A Required Debriefing

Good lawyers should live in fear of timeliness rules. No one wants to have a case dismissed because a deadline was missed. In Gorod Shtor, GAO dismissed a bid protest as untimely. In that case, the protester in a simplified acquisition procurement under FAR Part 13 filed a bid protest challenging its own evaluation and […]

How to turn a winning protest into a losing protest

Here’s a test. If a Government solicitation contains an ambiguity, you should– (a) Hope no one notices; (b) Point it out to the contracting officer; (c) Wait until you lose the procurement, then file a protest. If you chose (a), “Hope no one notices,” there might be situations in which you’ve made the correct choice. […]

Theft of Trade Secrets: Criminal Law’s New Frontier

Steve Jobs famously quoted Picasso as saying that “good artists copy; great artists steal.”  The history of mankind may be the history of ideas, but as Jobs and Picasso recognized, the history of mankind involves a fair amount of idea theft.  In the nineteenth century, a British botanist stole the secrets of tea cultivation from […]