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Failure to exhaust administrative remedies may doom claims

Americans like to sue. But, there are many laws that require the aggrieved party to follow certain procedures before heading to court against a government agency. This process of jumping through agency hoops is known called “exhausting administrative remedies.” A recent case in point is Florida Agency for Health Care Administration v. Bayou Shores SNF, […]

A “No” By Any Other Name

A recent decision by the Court of Federal Claims (“COFC”) has held that, where the Government asks offerors to extend the acceptance period for their offers, a softly whispered “no” is still a “no”. In WIT Associates, Inc. v. United States, a long-delayed Navy Supply (“NAVSUP”) Fleet Logistics Center contract for moving services at Guantanamo […]

Proposed Department of Labor rules would increase the number of employees covered by overtime regulations

More than a year ago–on March 13, 2014, to be exact–President Obama ordered the Department of Labor to update the regulations that govern who is exempt from the minimum wage and overtime requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Employers have been waiting uneasily ever since–with government contractors having more at stake than most employers, […]

Chasing the Dragon (In a Postal Service Truck)

We can all excuse a little Leave it to Beaver-style fatherly indulgence.  Boys will be boys and all.  That said, the contractor-appellant in Mich v. United States Postal Service may have taken it a little too far when he allowed his adult son to drive a Postal Service mail transport vehicle despite the son’s “serious” […]