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Recent News and Comments Show U.S. and U.K. Authorities’ Efforts to Get the Information Behind the Panama Papers Scandal

The Panama Papers have captured the public’s and the legal community’s attention, with blockbuster disclosures of the offshore dealings of various prominent persons. The investigation so far has been controlled by a team of journalists from various organizations, who have access to a purpose-built database of an estimated 11 million computer files, and have been […]

Utah Publishes Nation’s First Online White Collar Crime Offender Registry

Public shaming has reached new levels in Utah. In February 2016, the state became the first to publish an online registry of white collar crime offenders. The Utah White Collar Crime Offender Registry (“Registry”) has been a long-time goal of Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes, who stated that “[w]hite-collar crime is an epidemic in […]

Proposed Rule Creates Filing Fee for Bid Protests

On April 15, GAO proposed a rule in the Federal Register that would impose a $350 fee to file a protest. While $350 will not break the bank for most contractors, the new fee may be a slippery slope. Why not $500 or $1,000 or $2,000? GAO’s decisions in bid protests improve the procurement process. […]

Microsoft Sues U.S. Government in Privacy Fight

On April 14, 2016, Microsoft sued the United States Department of Justice, challenging a law that provides the government with authority to prevent technology companies from informing customers when their data is given to the government. This lawsuit comes in the wake of the FBI’s recent requests for Apple to unlock certain iPhones, once again […]

Question: When to intervene in a protest? Answer: Almost always and as soon as possible

When you call an ambulance, you want it to arrive in a timely fashion. Similarly, if you have a contract award to protect against a bid protest, you had better intervene in the protest in a timely fashion. That’s what one ambulance company recently learned the hard way. First, some bid protest basics: A disappointed […]