Bloomberg BNA Federal Contracts Report recently published "Recent Cases on 'Hours Worked' Require Contractors to Stay Alert" written by Ken Weckstein and Shlomo Katz, both members of the Firm's Litigation group.  The article discusses the importance of tracking hours worked in employment law, drawing attention to a few recent cases that examine the definition of "hours worked."

From the Article

"What does this mean for government contractors?  For starters, contractors must sort out the requirements of the multiple wage-hour laws that may apply to their workers. Some workers may be covered by the SCA and may be entitled to a prevailing wage and fringe benefits. Other workers may be covered by the Davis-Bacon Act, entitling them to different wages and, maybe, benefits. Either or both of those sets of workers probably are subject to some state’s wage-hour laws.  Then again, the government contract might call for work on a 'federal enclave,' in which case state and local laws may not apply."

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