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Careers: Law Students

Letter to Candidates

Dear Brown Rudnick Candidate:

We appreciate that, over the next few weeks, you will be introduced to a variety of potential employers and career paths, and that this may be a time of some confusion and anxiety.  You may be asked to make important career decisions with only limited information, all the while keenly aware that the employment landscape for recent law school graduates has changed dramatically in the last few years.

We thought, therefore, you might find useful a letter from us giving you greater insight into our firm and, also, what we are looking for in this recruiting process.

Our Firm

Brown Rudnick serves a global client base from offices in Boston, New York, Washington, DC, London, Hartford, Providence, and Dublin.  We emphasize corporate restructuring, complex litigation, M&A and securities, corporate finance, energy, real estate/environmental, and tax.  This is by design.

We are engaged almost exclusively on complex matters that require the highest level of intellectual ability and stamina.  Our clients are extremely sophisticated and discerning users of legal services, who retain us because we deliver effective solutions to problems that are important to them.  In other words, we simply do not do the kind of low-margin, repetitive, volume work that has enabled other firms to amass large size but does not require thought-leadership or qualify as “a good challenge.”

Our smaller size and focused approach have many positive implications for in-coming associates.  The work here is never dull: it is intellectually rigorous.  Our client base is large, diverse and loyal; we receive significant assignments daily, and our attorneys are busy.  Even as a junior lawyer, you will work closely with the partner in charge of the assignment, learning directly from some of the best in the business.  You will have almost immediate client exposure and interaction.  You will not be lost for years in the library or in document production warehouses.  Indeed, if you are truly a Brown Rudnick attorney, you would not last in such a work environment, and we know it!

Our Firm’s Health and Stability

We see our firm as an institution that should exist in perpetuity.  While we are nimble in adapting to changing market conditions, we manage with the long-term in mind.  We are recognized as leaders in the practice areas we feature and the industries we serve.  Our financial performance is strong.  Despite the financial crisis of 2008 and the ensuing recession, we have been among the top AmLaw 200 firms in profit growth during the last three years.  Our entry level hiring efforts remain robust and the target number of 2012 summer associates reflects growth consistent with our strategic plan.  In 2011 we expanded our summer program to include DC, as well as New York and Boston.

We have intentionally created a warm environment for attorneys to practice law.  Brown Rudnick attorneys do not compete with one another.  Rather, they learn from each other, enjoy being with one another, and our offices are fully integrated and are supportive of each other.  Our “one firm” philosophy is a source of tremendous pride at Brown Rudnick and, frankly, a significant point of demarcation from many of our competitors.  We believe that each successive generation of attorneys is obligated to propel our firm to greater heights.  Partners not only help associates to become technically outstanding lawyers, but assist them in building client relationships.

Our Recruiting Objective

Our Firm is a special place, and we want to keep it that way.  We are highly selective, therefore, in recruiting.  Our objective is not to find a class of outstanding young associates.  Our recruiting objective is to build an outstanding class of future partners.

Our Recruiting Principles

We pursue our recruiting objectives by following these principles:

  1. We recruit only the best and brightest, and hardest working.
  2. We recruit individuals that, besides extraordinary intelligence, reflect the defining characteristics of a Brown Rudnick attorney: hard driving but value-oriented and pragmatic, entrepreneurial, always honest and always ethical, collaborative and a good team player: in a word, someone who will be, once trained, an extremely effective client advocate and counselor.
  3. We recruit only individuals who intend to make Brown Rudnick their home, and who we are confident can make a meaningful positive impact on the business and culture of the Firm over their careers.
  4. We recruit only individuals who are upbeat, energetic, passionate about what we do and about becoming a member of our firm, with strong ambition to further the Firm both intellectually and as a business.
  5. We believe that diversity in attorney backgrounds engenders diversity of thought and enrichment of the Firm as a family.  We therefore intentionally recruit towards a widely diverse attorney base.
  6. We recruit only individuals with practice interests consistent with our clients’ needs, considering geographical preferences.
  7. We recruit only individuals who appreciate that people make up a firm, and that a firm’s history, values, and culture are important, and who we believe will fit into the Firm as a family.


We thank you for your interest in our firm, and we look forward to getting to know you.

Very truly yours,
Joseph F. Ryan
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

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