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Geographies: Middle East / North Africa

Middle East / North Africa

We have a stand-out team of 230+ lawyers in Europe and the United States. And we get deals done around the world. Perspective and judgment; focus and agility – adding up to more than you might expect.

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Our multicultural Middle East and North Africa team of experienced internationalists serve as trusted advisors and advocates to clients from across the MENA region, and to major corporate clients from mature markets who are working into, with, and investing in the emerging markets countries in MENA.

We are dynamic, entrepreneurial, and commercially astute, and we ally these qualities with real knowledge and experience of working into the MENA region, which is why our clients ask us to assist from A to Z:

  • in measuring the risk and reward of new commercial opportunities when they arise in emerging markets across MENA, for international contracts, joint ventures and projects of all sizes;
  • in tailoring, drafting, and negotiating international contracts for clients – for example, sale, distribution and supply arrangements; licensing; joint ventures; project finance and infrastructure; energy, oil and gas;
  • in troubleshooting and risk management regarding existing business and contracts already in performance; 
  • in dealing with any sensitive negotiations with MENA counterparties, including governments and state-owned entities, due to our cultural understanding, skills and diplomacy;
  • in order to ensure that they have appropriate risk management and compliance procedures in place to deal with anti-corruption legislation with extra-territorial effect (for example, the U.S. FCPA and the UK Bribery Act); 
  • and, last but not least, in using insightful and efficient methods and strategies to resolve civil law and common law disputes of all types, whether before State Courts, in arbitration, or otherwise. Our lawyers are known for their innovative and problem-solving approach, which often helps us achieve favorable results for clients, including negotiated settlements, and even new deals from within disputes.
  • We are very active in matters relating to the UAE and Gulf countries, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco and Egypt, and have also advised in relation to matters involving Bahrain, Djibouti, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Mauritania, Oman, Palestine, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen.

Our extensive experience of handling Middle East and North Africa matters means that we have developed a strong understanding of both the region and individual countries, as well as excellent networks of contacts (including some of the best independent local law firms) in many MENA countries.

In matters with an international dimension, we believe that the client’s best interests are often served by the combination of internationalist Brown Rudnick counsel with strong regional or country experience, working with co-counsel drawn from the best independent law firms in the relevant country or countries.

The fact that we are independent, and that we know, are able to select and work collaboratively with outstanding independent local lawyers presents a distinct advantage, because it obviates the often competing internal political, territorial and business concerns which local offices of major international law firms may experience, and which can present an obstacle to the client receiving the most seamless service and advice.

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