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Among international law firms, Brown Rudnick is leading the way in developing a track record advising both foreign and local clients in cross-border transactions in and out of Africa.

As well as working on Africa-related deals, our dispute resolution experts have successfully defended African interests against vulture funds, and have resolved a number of major project and natural resources-related African disputes, often by helping parties in dispute to restructure their existing contractual arrangements.

Africa is undergoing unprecedented development, with renewed and significant interest in inbound investments from a wide spectrum of international investors (ranging from sovereign wealth funds to private equity funds, industrial corporations and private individuals) and a growing base of ambitious and sophisticated local entrepreneurs.

Yet Africa remains a complex and challenging legal and regulatory environment.

Through our lawyers’ wealth of hands-on experience in the region, Brown Rudnick is developing unparalleled insight into the practical implications of structuring investments in Africa. We can identify and provide tailored, efficient and cost-effective approaches reflecting an understanding of the political, regulatory, economic, tax and legal issues from “on the ground” experience of our lawyers, including those who have completed successful commercial and not-for-profit transactions locally.

We act for a wide range of clients across Africa including:

Government bodies

Project finance sponsors

Investment and development banks

Funds and asset managers

Telecom companies and other business sectors