We have a stand-out team of 230+ lawyers in Europe and the United States. And we get deals done around the world. Perspective and judgment; focus and agility – adding up to more than you might expect.

In addition to our extensive practices in the US and UK, Brown Rudnick has a wealth of experience and an outstanding track record in conducting complex litigation and arbitration matters in numerous offshore jurisdictions and free-zones.

We are regularly instructed by clients to manage disputes in offshore jurisdictions including the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Bermuda, Jersey & Guernsey, as well as other jurisdictions of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, the QFC in Qatar, and the DIFC Courts and Dubai Worlds Tribunal. 

As our clients’ needs have become increasingly sophisticated, disputes now rarely involve a single jurisdiction or court. Our international team is experienced at leading complex, cross-border disputes spanning multiple jurisdictions.  We bring hands-on know-how of acting as global coordinating counsel in complex disputes, shaping both strategy and substantive arguments, acting as advocates, and delivering a seamless services in the most difficult and delicate cases. Brown Rudnick has been involved in prominent examples of major offshore litigation in recent years, including litigation arising out of the Madoff fraud. 

Our highly skilled and integrated team of English barristers, French avocats and US trial attorneys have been admitted to various offshore bars for specific matters, but we are equally comfortable working with local law firms in the relevant jurisdiction and in coordinating litigation worldwide across multiple jurisdictions. In doing so we are able to call upon our experience in resolving both common law and civil law disputes affecting our clients.  Our disputes team include Arabic, French, Korean, Georgian, Lithuanian, Farsi, and Russian speakers, which gives us a great deal of flexibility to service our international clients. 

Our approach to dispute resolution is also not solely court or arbitration-focused.  Just as important is our ability, where possible, to negotiate positive outcomes on behalf of our clients, thereby avoiding the expense, delay and uncertainty that often comes with formal proceedings.

Some of our Offshore representative matters include:

Acting for clients with an interest in a BVI Fund which invested in Russia, the CIS and the Balkans, against parties based in Gibraltar and the British Virgin Islands in a cross-border dispute surrounding liquidation of the Fund’s assets. This matter involves multiple proceedings and arbitrations, including hearings in the British Virgin Islands where we successfully obtained interim asset protection from the local courts.

Acting for a client incorporated in the British Virgin Islands in a dispute with a joint venture partner also located in the BVI. The matter saw us advising on allegations of misappropriation of assets in connection with slag metal operations in Croatia and Malta, arbitral proceedings in Austria, and interim freezing orders in the BVI.

Currently acting as U.S. counsel to the British Virgin Islands liquidator of Fairfield Sentry Limited, the largest Madoff feeder fund, in Chapter 15 cross-border proceedings and prosecution of U.S. litigation, including actions seeking to claw back over $6 billion in redemptions made by the fund.

Currently acting as U.S. counsel for the joint liquidators of the SPhinX Funds, entities in liquidation in the Cayman Islands, in litigation arising out of the massive fraud by insiders at Refco.

Acting for Hermitage Fund/Hermitage Capital Management in relation to a major US$250 million fraud in Russia, including advising on civil claims and criminal investigations in Guernsey, Switzerland, the British Virgin Islands and UK arising from fraud and related issues.

Acting for a Swiss national in a dispute with an international mining company in connection with unlawfully withheld/converted share rights and profit participation entitlements structured through complex trust arrangements administered in Jersey.