You put your business in their hands. They put their future in yours. No wonder the rules are complicated.

Brown Rudnick helps you navigate the complex laws and contracts governing employer-employee relationships, and shows you new ways to attract and retain a superior workforce – without breaking the bank or breaking the law.

Our ERISA and Executive Compensation lawyers guide you smoothly through difficult scenarios, from bankruptcy acquisitions to withdrawal from multi-employer plans. In today’s highly regulated, high-stakes environment, we clarify fiduciary obligations and make sure your plan qualifies for favorable tax treatment.

Our Executive Compensation lawyers represent top performers in employment negotiations, as well as hedge funds and other stakeholders who want to be sure compensation plans won’t dilute corporate value.

Our international client base includes corporations with 401(k) and pension plans, emerging growth companies, charitable institutions, compensation committees, hedge funds and other investors, creditors’ committees and C-suite executives.

We advise on matters including:

Plan design and administration

Due diligence review

IRS qualification

C-Suite negotiations

Tax issues for compensation and benefit plans

Changes in corporate control

Fiduciary obligations

Withdrawal from multiemployer plans

RIFs and downsizing

Bankruptcy issues including plan mergers and integration, funding issues and termination issues

Exit events for emerging company management

IRS and labor issues

Tax-exempt entities