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Practices: Cybersecurity & Data Incident Response

Cybersecurity & Data Incident Response

Enterprise Risk, Crisis Management and Business Optimization

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Cybersecurity is not just a technology issue – it is a key part of enterprise risk management. With increased and growing regulation, enforcement and cross-border issues, it is critical that businesses understand why and how to protect data, and be prepared to respond when incidents occur. Brown Rudnick’s Cybersecurity and Data Incident Response Group provides an integrated team providing services that are customized to meet the distinctive needs of our clients. We help organizations establish security that goes beyond protecting the business, and help create a competitive edge.

As incidents become increasingly more destructive and attract media attention, organizations face the risk of massive reputational, financial and legal liability. The result -- it is now a prerequisite to demonstrate best practices in preventing, detecting and responding to data breaches. Accountability does not stop at the Chief Technology Officer's door. A host of new, complex corporate governance issues mandate the attention, concerted planning and strategic thinking of senior level executives and Boards of Directors.

Brown Rudnick's Global Cybersecurity team can prospectively position organizations, businesses and institutions to avoid potential liability, culpability and other irreparable harm. To that end, we work with clients to develop and implement comprehensive breach prevention and response programs addressing myriad technical, criminal, regulatory, fiduciary and civil liability and reputational issues involved in cybersecurity and breach preparedness.

Notwithstanding a proactive approach to prevention, data incidents are increasingly likely in today's interconnected and fast moving world. If a breach does occur, Brown Rudnick's integrated response team works hand-in-hand with our clients to limit the impact of the incident, deal with collateral issues and help organizations recover, rapidly and completely.

Brown Rudnick's dynamic, cross-border and highly tactical team includes former operatives from the CIA and the British military, each of whom bring to their practice as lawyers a unique understanding of the cyber "bad guys" and the data protection practices of highly security conscious government entities.

Brown Rudnick is internationally recognized for its highly capable crisis management practice. Our cybersecurity emergency response team also includes a former California State Attorney General; a number of former senior DOJ prosecutors; the former NY Branch Chief of the SEC's Division of Enforcement; and the former Head of Enforcement for the UK Financial Services Authority. We compliment this governmental/regulatory experience with alumni from the private sector, who sat "on the other side of the desk" -- including several former Chief Operating Officers, General Counsels and members of Boards of Directors from a wide variety of industries and jurisdictions.

We acknowledge that cyber opportunists and criminals have refined their approach to target individual industries. We are prepared to respond in kind. Our cyber-solution response team marshals industry-specific advisors with deep specific, pragmatic -- even idiosyncratic -- industry experience in fields as diverse as asset management and financial services, life sciences, health care, technology/media/telecom, energy, governmental relations, gaming, real estate, retail and professional and consulting services.

In short, because we are prepared for any conceivable scenario -- our clients can rest easy, that they are as well.

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