• Watershed WHO announcements effectively make multiple-use syringes obsolete, saving over a million lives, and $1 billion each year
  • Alexander Carter-Silk, Head of European Intellectual Property at Brown Rudnick provides strategic advice to Marc Koska on structuring investments into his non-reusable syringe business Star Syringe, and the ethical manufacturing and distribution of the product

London (23 February 2015) – Brown Rudnick is providing strategic advice to Marc Koska, the inventor of the K-1 Auto-Disable syringe, a non-reusable syringe which was mandated today by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for all therapeutic use, 15 years after Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance introduced similar policy drivers for all immunisation programmes.

The WHO estimates that re-use of syringes currently kills 1.3 million people each year by spreading HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B and C, and other infectious diseases. But because the WHO policy urges UN funding to be only available to switch over compliant countries, multi-use syringe manufacture will effectively become obsolete, with no market for them.

Alexander Carter-Silk, Partner, Brown Rudnick is providing advice and support to Marc Koska to facilitate the roll-out of non-reusable syringes, involving advice relating to strategy, manufacturing and distribution of the product globally.

Marc Koska is in Geneva meeting with manufacturers from around the whole world, especially India and Africa, whom he hopes will take on the challenge of licensing manufacturing and distributing the products in support of the WHO policy.

Alexander Carter Silk, Head of European Intellectual Property, Brown Rudnick, said: “The WHO announcement is a major victory in the fight against iatrogenic infection through the re-use of syringes and lays foundations for a drastic reduction in the number of deaths and serious illnesses linked to needle-sharing. We are privileged and proud to support Marc in his work – helping him roll-out non-reusable syringes globally as efficiently and effectively as possible.”

The K-1 Auto-Disable syringe prevents reuse via a small ring etched on the inside of the barrel which allows the plunger to move in one direction and not the other. After one complete injection is given the plunger will automatically lock in place and break if forced, thus rendering the syringe useless. K-1 is UNICEF, WHO and ISO approved.

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Find further details on the K1 Auto-disable syringe here: www.starsyringe.com/product-k1.htm

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